Productec SA's ProAXYZ 5-axis module offers pocketing, contouring, drilling, and other toolpath functions dedicated to 5-axis machining. The straightforward interface makes it easy to create efficient machining operations quickly. Furthermore, these toolpaths can be used on any continuous 3 to 5-axis machine type.

5-axis drilling

Module frequently used to complete the setting module operations on 3D models that already include stone placement. These drilling functions enable the generation of toolpaths perpendicular to the selected surface.

Surface flow - Continuous 5-axis scanning of single or multiple surfaces

The surfaces can be processed fully or partially by defining machining zones with percentages. The interface allows for the quick and easy management of the number of passes and the machining direction.

Pocket 5 - Continuous 5-axis pocket machining on single or multiple surfaces.

The interface makes managing the number of passes for roughing and rough-plunging and the various settings that define the toolpath quality straightforward.

Contour 5 - Continuous 5-axis contour machining

These toolpaths are mainly used for finishing operations. The interface allows quick management of stepovers and toolpath segmentations to achieve a high-quality finish.

Swarf cut - Continuous 5-axis machining using the side of the tool

The toolpath can be created either relative to upper and lower curves or relative to a curve and a surface. The multiple passes can be managed radially and axially.