ProCONNECT Dashboard enables an in-depth analysis of the data retrieved with ProCONNECT PROD. It is, therefore, the ideal complement for efficiently managing your workshop using the ProCONNECT suite.

With this module, you will be able to consult all of the key figures required for optimal production workshop management.

With the help of the detailed tables and customisable display, you can determine the following:

  • Synthetic rate of return (TRS)
  • Economic rate of return (TRE)
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

In addition to these indicators, developed in accordance with current standards, you can also track changes in the following sub-indicators:

  • Quality rate
  • Performance rate
  • Operational availability rate

These sub-indicators will help you determine which levers to use to achieve your TRS/TRE/OEE targets.

The ProCONNECT Dashboard module is available as an HTML page that can be viewed on any device with a web browser.