Productec, a GibbsCAM® reseller and integrator since 1988, has extensive CAD/CAM knowledge. The company provides support, consulting, training, and part-programming services to businesses looking to optimise the use of their production tools.

Productec can also provide you with tailored business modules and specific developments that meet the needs of today's workshops through its ProAXYZTM suite. Productec also develops post-processors for a wide range of machines.

Productec's ProCONNECT™ products are also focused on optimising the digital chain in workshops to make them Industry 4.0 ready. To do this, the company provides a wide range of software and services to its customers, from connecting heterogeneous machines and processes to an IT network and transferring and managing data under both DNC and MES aspects within workshop networks.

Productec completes its customer offering with Vericut, a high-performance solution for ISO code simulation that allows for the security and optimisation of production equipment.