Solid Import

The Solids Import option provides entry-level support to machine solid models. Solid models can be read, viewed, and manipulated. You can select and extract geometry for machining. With Solids Import, you can import a solid model, view it, and extract geometry from selected edges, which you can then machine. This option is ideal if you machine wireframe geometry and want to expand your capabilities to support rudimentary solids machining.

Entry-Level Solids Support

Solid models are more and more common in manufacturing as a source data type. Solid models provide more accurate geometry than other formats, which reduces errors. GibbsCAM solids-based options are built on the Solids Import option. If you are ready to step up to solids, Solids Import provides basic support to machine solid models in an easy-to-use environment so that you can ease into solids.

Native Parasolid Support

Solid models are available in a wide variety of formats, from industry standards like STEP, to CAD-system-specific formats, to kernel modeler formats. GibbsCAM Solids Import supports Parasolid files, a kernel modeler format widely used by numerous popular CAD systems like Siemens Solid Edge® and SOLIDWORKS®. Sharing a common modeling kernel ensures that you can read CAD models in Parasolid format directly into GibbsCAM and then view and manipulate them. Build your solids-based technology on a solid foundation.

Solid Viewing

Solid models provide a more complete representation than wireframe or surface models, which allows them to render more accurately. You can choose from a variety of solids display modes. You can orient your view dynamically while also providing quick access to standard views with the innovative GibbsCAM virtual trackball. Get a solid view of what you are machining.

Extracting Geometry from Solids

Solid models contain both wireframe and surface geometry for the richest amount of geometric data. And solid models ensure accurate edge geometry between surfaces. With GibbsCAM Solids Import, you can extract a solid model’s wireframe geometry, which corresponds to the edges of a part, and directly machine from it. Or, if necessary, you can modify the extracted geometry before you machine it. Take advantage of solid model accuracy.

Slicing Solids

Sometimes, where you want to machine is not necessarily defined by an existing edge. With GibbsCAM Solids Import, you can generate wireframe geometry by cutting the solid with a plane. You can then machine or further manipulate the resulting geometry. Get solid capability built on solids technology.

Foundation for Solids-Based Options

Solids introduce a whole new range of capabilities from data exchange, to visualization, to machining, to verification. With GibbsCAM Solids Import, you can choose to add additional capabilities seamlessly, which further expands your solids-based technology. Read in CAD data in other solid formats like ACIS files, CATIA V4 or V5, Pro/ENGINEER, and STEP AP203 or AP214. Grow at your own pace while you protect your investment.