The verification module simplifies program error detection and workpiece accuracy checking.

VERIFICATION is the basic VERICUT module and the prerequisite for using the other VERICUT modules. Excellent performance: VERICUT's unique algorithm delivers fast accurate results - the simulation speed is independent of the number of cuts. VERICUT processes programs with millions of program steps


Detect differences between design model & VERICUT part. Perform constant gouge-checking.


Simulate and verify 4 and 5-axis milling, drilling, turning and combination mill/turn operations. Also supports simulation of synchronized and “pinch” turning operations where multiple channels/turrets are utilized.

Machine Simulation

Configure and simulate your CNC machines and controls so you can be more efficient, more competitive, and more profitable! The 3D simulation shows machine tool movements and change on the workpiece exactly as they would be in real production.


Alternative program optimization method that specifies the maximum reliable feed for a specific cutting condition based on the load on the cutting edge, spindle power and maximum chip thickness. Excellent for difficult-to-machine materials and complex multi-axis operations such as 5-axis flank milling.


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