GibbsCAM 2023

GibbsCAM 2023

The new versions of GibbsCAM® and ProAXYZ™ are available now!

The following are some of the new features available in GibbsCAM® 2023:

  • Interface

    GibbsCAM® 2023 improves interface management by combining a better organisation of machining elements, coordinate systems and the operations manager.
    Simulation performance has also been greatly improved with the activation/deactivation of operations and the simulation of selected operations with the immediate calculation of the machined material. In addition, new features such as transparent clamping or maximum rotation speed detection provide a clearer representation of the simulation and improved collision event control.
    Multi-origin management via coordinate system and work zones by operation enable better ISO code management

  • Milling
    In addition to milling cylindrical profiles, GibbsCAM® 2023 incorporates new capabilities, such as pocket machining to avoid plunging into cavities. Spiral boring and extended drill cycles have also been added.
  • Turning
    Turning tool management allows more precise positioning of the insert on the holder for better visualisation during simulation. Other highlights include cutting load variation in standard turning cycles and chip thickness control in VoluTurn cycles.
  • 5-axis
    Improvements to the 5-axis module include custom approaches and retracts, surface-based machining along the U and V axes and improved chamfering cycles.


To find out more, have a look at the What's New document below:
GibbsCAM v2023 – Whats New


Our technical and sales teams will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.

We wish you every success with the new version of GibbsCAM®.

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