GibbsCAM® & ProAXYZ™ 2024

GibbsCAM & ProAXYZ 2024

The new versions of GibbsCAM® and ProAXYZ™ are now available!

In GibbsCAM® 2024, we can highlight the following new features:

  • Interface
    GibbsCAM® 2024 allows a better understanding of the topology of the part with color-coded display of angles and radii.
    Simplifying the reading of the edges of the part is possible by hiding the non-visible edges. The display of virtual points on the edges simplifies obtaining information about the solid.
  • Tools
    Cutting data can now be entered directly into the tool. Sandvik inserts and Prime Turning technology are now integrated into GibbsCAM® 2024.
    The management of form tools is improved for easier control of the driven point.
  • Milling / Turning
    The contour process now includes an engraving function with sharp corners management in 3 axes as well as optimized management of the material only function. Ramp contouring on solids is improved for better machining quality.
    A new mill cutting operation is now available for multi-task machines.
  • 5 axis
    Among the many improvements in the 5-axis module, we can highlight incremental retracts, management of singular points and non-machining movements.

Also, new modules are now available in the ProAXYZ™ suite:

  • Tool import : automatic import of your tools into GibbsCAM®
  • Spindle transfer : easy way to manage the transfer of the part from the main spindle to a subspindle or a vice.
  • Bridges creation plug-in : facilitates the creation of bridges when trimming a mainplate and automates their machining.

We also have many new features regarding the management of your grinding machines.

For more details, do not hesitate to read the what’s new below :
GibbsCAM v2024 – Whats New

Our technical and sales teams are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

We wish you full success using the new version of GibbsCAM®.

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